What's New
  • 7/11/02 - Replying to some gripes on the [Project_owners] mailing list, 7 ways to contact me. Feel free to get in touch anytime, and help me debug, test, etc ;-).
  • 7/10/02 - This project ain't dead yet. ;-) I implemented and verified support for all the event handlers NS4 supported on a Layer object. "clip" still doesn't seem to work, "src" is acting funny again.
  • 6/22/02 - clip issues are still confusing me, but the appropriate CSS values inside rect() are getting set... found out siblingAbove/siblingBelow don't work properly after a bit more of testing. And the most important news, I've uploaded an example of a "draggable layer" script I coded for NS4, working in Gecko through LayerEmu! Grab this (~8kb) to see it in action.
  • 6/21/02 - (later) src is fixed after searching the code for an hour looking for why there is no setter on src, only to realize I used a ":" instead of a ";" at the end of one line. Just the elusive clip property is left, after which I can begin tests on well-established NS4 DHTML effects.
  • 6/21/02 - I got to apologize for writing no new code for this project in nearly a week - been busy trying to find a summer job, with no luck, as being 16 without a license and living in the middle of no where doesn't help. ;-) I'll try to fix something tonight or tomorrow, clip or src most definitely :-).
  • 6/19/02 - Taking a little break from the project. I just trilicensed all the code, have fun. Need to fix clip and src, then pretty much everything is working/usable...
  • 6/15/02 - Famous already! Scott doesn't know what to think. I found out about this from this WebFX thread, where the creater of IEEmu replied. As did I. ;-)
  • 6/14/02 - Fixed a few serious bugs with the XBL document, and started fooling with src and load(). It is actually almost usable, once I implement clip and fix pageX/pageY setters.
  • 6/11/02 - Preliminary files uploaded to www/files. Not entirely working though.
  • 6/10/02 - LayerEmu project opened!
Other Stuff
  • How could I forget my original inspiration for this project? See the Layer Emulation API for Mozilla. Bob Clary (its owner) even graciously offered LayerEmu permission to use any code there. Check it out!

Welcome to LayerEmu, a project hosted by The purpose of this project is to bring support to Mozilla for NS4's infamous Layer approach to DHTML.

One may ask why take the time to support the Layers interface? Compared to the W3C DOM, it seems to serve no use. While that is true, at the web forums I regularly visit, I've heard enough people claim they won't rewrite any of their previous code, or even write any new code for DHTML effects in Mozilla simply because it isn't backwards compatible with legacy NS4 code.

Using the HTMLUnknownElement interface and XBL coupled with Javascript and CSS, it is very possible to provide this backwards-compatibility yourself. Hopefully to the extent where they won't even need to rewrite the littlest bit of their code. Of course, this shouldn't serve as a reason to not write code to the W3C DOM standard ;-).

This project aims to accomplish the following objectives:

Check out how far the project has come! Recently uploaded documentation on the properties and methods that the XBL file implements. *NEW* Check out the usage documentation! Also, expect some docs on the Layer() constructor.

The layeremu project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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